Play Areas

Tinto After School Care Club Association (Glasgow) has four distinct Play Areas, the assembly hall, the gym hall, the ICT Department and a large playground which includes a football pitch, various climbing frames including monkey bars, a cargo net and a Pirate Ship.

Toys & Games

We also have a large selection of board games, card games, Lego, arts and crafts, prams and dolls, bikes and scooters.

Play Types

Due to the various Play Areas, Toys and Games, many of the Play Types are covered including Communication Play, Creative Play, Deep Play, Locomotor Play, Rough and Tumble Play, Dramatic Play, Exploratory Play, Object Play, Mastery Play, Socio-Dramatic Play, Social Play, Fantasy Play, Imaginative Play, Role Play and Symbolic Play.

Play Cycle

Through combining the Play Areas and the Play Types the Play Cycle of the Cue, the Frame, the Flow, the Adulteration, the Intervention and the Dysplay can all take place.